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2021 Previous Events

January 2021

Potato Wine & Caravans

Dirt Road Ensemble

Eva Bedggood - Guitar, Trumpet, Piano

Freddie Gash - Guitar

Robin Watson - Guitar

Theo Henderson - Bass

Thomas Bedggood - Violin

Tanze-Wudao Trio

Amy McMurdo - Cello

Thomas Bedggood - Violin

Yifan Yang - Piano

wide array of eclectic music.

Exploring folk music and it's influences on different genres of music from around the world including gypsy jazz, classical.

 Cornelia Didenco , Violin  & Three Generations Trio


Works by Schubert piano trio in E flat major, Dvorak Dumky Trio

February 2021

The 17 Annual West Melton Art Event


Aamira  Jain

Alan MacKay

Ally  Choi

Christine Watton

Don McAra

Gwyn Hughes

Ira Mitchell

Janie Porter

John Maillard

Jonathan  Marett

Karin Lange

Maree Peate

Marilyn Austin

Mary Fraser

Maureen McCann

Michelle  Clair

Min Kim

Naomi Goto Garrett

Soon-Lee Spicer

Stephanie Mcewin

Wendy Clarke

Piano Recital by     

Veronica van der Knaap

Works by Haydn, Glinka, Chopin and Schubert

March 2021

Jean Batten Tribute

Art Exhibition Opening by Jon Marett

Talk by Dame Fiona Kidman author of  ‘The Infinite Air’

Musical Interlude -Veronica van der Knaap- Piano

A retired airline pilot, Oxford artist Jon Marett is influenced by the many remarkable landscapes and scenery he has experienced during his time abroad and at home in Canterbury. His keen appreciation of history and the world around him has inspired Jon to depict many historical events, people and moments in time from his own unique perspective.

Opera Here  Lois Johnston and Friends

Showcasing  Grand Opera

Inc’ Puccini, Verdi, Bizet,  Mozart & others.

April 2021

Piano Duets Alice Kuo and Veronica van der Knaap.

Works by Schubert, Brahms , Arensky and Bach

May 2021

Ferner’s Selected Students

Solos and Ensemble Pieces


Piano Recital

Alice Kuo

Works include Grieg, Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

June 2021


Works by Beethoven Bach Mozart and others

Works include Grieg, Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

Natasha Chernousova(Flute)

Valeriy Maksymov (Violin)

Keiko Hashimoto (Piano)

& friends

Concert 6- classical series 2021

July 2021

Hagley Collage

The 2021 School Ensembles.

Concert 2 for the Students series 2021

Anna Maksymova - Piano

Music in Pictures Schumann, Debussy, Moussorgsky.  

Concert 7 of the Classical series 2021

August 2021


The Origin of formation by

Kim Mehlhopt

Valeriy Maksymov & Iryna Maksymova

Selected Piano & Violin Students 2021.

Liz Braggins                        

A familiar name in the NZ music scene, unique style of piano .

original versions of well known songs mix of genres from jazz,

pop and rock backgrounds.

September 2021

U.C Students ensembles 2021

The Dream of                               

Live Performance Painting & Music

Artist Haruko Furukawa              

Singer Kaori Omura

Koto player  Kazuko Iwa

Japanese Drum/ Takumi Michiko Ward .

The River city Jazzmen

October  2021

Variety Concert

CHARITY- ALL proceeds to

Blind Foundation Guide Dog Training

Veronica and friends Music for Voice, Strings & Piano

Muddy Mama Blues Band

Judi Smitheram Voice                         

Mary Ruston  Piano                              

Geoff Low  Wind Instruments              

Tim Wilkinson  Bass strings Lynden Jackson  

Drums Davey Backyard Harmonica.

November 2021

The German Romantics

Music, poetry and art from the land of Goethe, Beethoven, and Brahms.                               

Francis Yapp Cello               

Anna Maksymova Piano

West Melton Native Plants Projects   2021 Meeting

NZ Natives with a production/supply focus in Canterbury

Workshop and guided tour on site


School of Music

Chamber Groups 2021.

Bill Evans Trio Tribute Show

Piano - Nanako Sato    

Bass – Russell Stedman        

Drums – Chris Searle        

Special Guest

Guitar Brad Kang.

December 2021

Christmas Celebration  Variety Concert

Nanako Sato

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